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   May 2019   
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  • Sakhawat in Pakistan teaching th e next generation To be all they can be in Jesus!
  • Our group in Capernaum where Jesus taught. Dec. 10, 2018
  • Faye and Dave Maddocks rejoice in their memory of being in Jerusalem last year at this time, Dec. 2018
  • Ruth Bayura, from Pennsylvania with our group in Jerusalem found a lamb to hug, Dec. 9, 2018
  • Dr. Robbins witnessed to these men at Masada in Israel Dec 7 2018
  • John Tone's family, Pastor in Bucharest, Romania where Dr. Robbins ministered Oct. 2018
  • Abigel, adopted orphan in Bishwa and Gopi's home, has turned 13. The joy of the Lord is their strength!
  • In Nepal Bishwa's family is growing up. The orphans are getting into their teen years!
  • United PPC mega Worship event in Pakistan, Nov. 12 2017. Sakhawat is on the right.
  • Bishwa's wife, Gopi, is a mighty woman of God, leader in Nepal
  • Larry and Donna Jordan met at Dallas Baptist
  • Sakhawat and Christian friends in Islamabad, Pakistan, send love and prays to the USA.
  • Dr. Robbins is a regular at the Tulsa University basketball games and practices, encouraging, inspiring and praying with coaches, players and their families.
  • Tulsa University FCA leader Brandon Segraves and Coach Montgomery getting ready to leave for their bowl game in FL Dec. 16, 2016 Dr. Robbins was there to send them off.
  • IFCB Meeting in Tulsa on Dec.16, 2016
  • Sakhawat on local Christian Radio in Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Sakhawat with goat keeper in Pakistan, reaching everyone for Christ.
  • Islamabad, Pakistan Sakhawat leads out in service project to reach people for Christ
  • Gopi, wife of Bishwa, prays with a girl for salvation Aug. 1 2016
  • First graduating class of Bethesda Bible College in Kathmandu, Nepal. A building is under construction to house the college.
  • Goat help Nepalese people have enough to eat.
  • Bro. Jack was chaplain at Tom Hale Boy Scout camp June 19-24. Flag ceremony.
  • Bro Jack was the chaplain at Tom Hale Boy Scout Camp, Talihina OK June 19-25 2016. Thsi is the cafeteria
  • Camille and Hailey Harris are our newest ministry, sisters and singers with an exciting beat!
  • Jack with special guests Sakhawat and Dennis and Marlene Wright at our annual meeting.
  • Co-founders Larry and Jack , Sakhawat Masee of Pakistan and Scott Camp, key speaker at annual meeting in TX in May.
  • LOVEM Annual meeting May 6 in Lake Worth TX. Bob and Gail Meade, LeRon West, Sheldon Mcleod and Larry Jordan spoke.
  • Bishwa ministering on Tibet Border with Pikes Peak in the background. Ap 2016
  • Global baseball's Board meeting was at Brian Dyle's home in Newnan GA . Note the basebal bat Brian uses to give the Sermon on the Mound.
  • Chris Robbins is Family and Children's pastor at Kyle TX
  • Larry Jordan preaches all across TX, AR, LA and FL.
  • Jim Burkett teaching Apologetics at South Tulsa Baptist Church Aug. 9, 2015
  • Graduation at Ebenezer Bible College in Kathmandu, Nepal means trained leadership for the future in Nepal
  • Plans for Meetings in Pakistan in 2016 being made by Sakhawat and Scott Camp, both LOVEM Ministers.
  • Welcome to LOVEM Ministries Salt 1620 with the John Foy family in San Ignacio, Belize
  • Group at LOVEM Ministries Annual Meeting Jan 10 2015. Awesome presence of God with Us!
  • Helping with Convoy of Hope Sapulpa back to school event Aug.13, 2014
  • Lady from Nepal in a New Mom's in Prayer group formed with 50 women. 200 such groups are now meeting.
  • Bishwa from LOVEM Nepal (center) attended a Vision Casting Seminar in NC Oct 2014. Here in Billy Graham's, The Cove.
  • Team from GPS Faith Community from Machesney Park, IL With Rebuild Ministries repairing tornado damage.
  • Sakahwat Maseeh is in Tulsa, here visiting Victory Christian Center with Sharon Daugherty.
  • The Vocational Beauty School in Faisalabad, Pakistan has graduated 20 women for good job prospects.
  • Bishwa speaking at large assembly of Christians in Nepal Feb. 2014
  • Sakhawat Masih leading worship in Pakistan.
  • Pastor Paul and his church leading a demonstration against the bombings of Christians in Peshawar.
  • Ministry by the Kohkar family in Lahore, Pakistan
  • Prayer in Tulsa for God's Kingdom to come in the USA.
  • Orphan\'s house in Kathmandu, Nepal funded by Velma Baptist Church, OK 2013
  • Students attend training conference in Khampura, Pakistan with Pastor Emmanuel.
  • Asghar Khokar ministers to village children near Lahore, pakistan,
  • Twenty Seven participated in this training session in Kharumpura, Pakistan by Emmanuel Sadiq
  • The Nepali team is home safe and with glorious stories 6 28, 2013
  • Lori and Becky, childhood friends in Raleigh, NC on mission in Kathmandu, Nepal, June 20, 2013
  • Dr. Robbins, Ginnie, and their 4 children and their families July, 2012
  • Pastor Paul's wife, Sumera, has opened a beauty shop for the mistreated women they work with in Faisalabad.
  • Nepal. Bishwa baptizing in Berryhill shirt Ap. 2013
  • Pastors in Solemn Assembly at Easton Heights Baptist Church Tulsa, Feb 2013
  • Gary Dempesy, DOM in Madill, Dr. Robbins, Dr. Anthony Jordan, Executive Director of Baptists in OK.
  • Steve Bass, one of 3 Vice Presidents of SBC's NAMB, and wife Dotty, with Jack at Steve's Mother's passing. Dr. Robbins was her pastor.
  • 20-20 Television show in Tulsa with Jim Burkett, Jack Robbins and Larry Jordon, Jan. 2013.
  • In Cuba in late June Bro. Jack helped with Baseball Outreach, and training house church leadership
  • Kevin and Jennifer Kelly lead a Health fair in Chicago in Chicago.
  • Pastors met in Maine May 3 2012
  • Leaders Tulsa County, OK " Awake to His Glory" Conference Oct 2011
  • Johnny Witherspoon, 1st Baptist Cooper, TX, Delta County 2nd Annual Wakening Conference Aug 28, 2011
  • Those committing to "stand in the gap" In Hopkins County TX
  • Jody Kennedy processing Operation Christmas Child packages in Charlotte, NC
  • Baptismal service with Eglise Ecep in Rwanda
  • Bongsu Church in North Korea, Pastor and Bro. Jack Robbins
  • Spiritual Awakening Ministry strategy meeting, Boise City FBC Cimmarron County, OK
  • The world is smaller around a table, Nepal
  • Graduation Lighthouse Bible College, Lahore
  • TEAMM meeting, Tulsa, OK
  • Service in Kenya
  • Going to Baptismal Site, Tibet Border
  • Baptizing in Pakistan
  • Dynamic youth in Poland
  • Conference Franklin County, Texas
  • Teaching session, Slovakia
  • Conference First Baptist, Warren, (Bradley Co.) AR
  • Jody/ Trisha Kennedy, English language schools
  • Deva Kumar pastors this house church in Qatar
  • Founders Larry/ Donna Jordan, Ginnie/ Jack Robbins

Thank you for visiting our website!

Welcome To LOVEM  Ministries. We're up to about 750 counties now in our network of awakening in our Nation.
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LOVEM Ministries is all about YOU loving Him and Them. The great commandment is to “love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength” and the second is like unto the first, “love your neighbor as you love yourself.” We are to “love Him,” and “love them.”
The PURPOSE and HEARTBEAT of LOVEM Ministries:
1. SPIRITUAL AWAKENING in Christians, churches, communities, cities and countries.
2. EVANGELISM of unbelievers.
4. CHURCH PLANTING in the USA and internationally.

5. WORLD MISSIONS from your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth.

2020 Vision for America

“Transforming America—One County at a TimeTo Change the World—One Country at a Time” 2009-2018.

Spiritual Awakening Rallies and Conferences have been initiated in 50 states and we have contacts in 694 counties in the last 10 years. Our objectives are (1) Find 1-12 godly men and women in every county in the USA who will pray and work together for local, state and national Spiritual Awakening.

In 2013 we refocused to finding a point person in each county who will seek to gather a core group who will pray regularly and plan an annual meeting to draw Christians together in a concerted effort toward revival in that county. 

The annual Conference or Rally can be from one to four days depending upon the county (area) and leadership. We send representatives to work alongside LOCAL leaders who organize, plan and promote. The gathering is for (1) fervent prayer, (2) enthusiastic praise and (3) stirring testimonies from ministers or lay persons.

We do these at a NO COST to the host pastor/church or Ministerial Association and those who go from LOVEM Ministries provide for their expenses. We seek to find lodging and housing for our guests if they are able.

LOVEM Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 9573

Tulsa, OK 74157


Prayer Concerns

 Praise God for people who keep saying "Yes" to the invitation to impact their county for Christ and that they then put feet to their commitment, seeking out others who will pray together for awakening in their community.
Pray for Dr. Robbins' health and strength, direction and open doors as he relocates to NC.
Pray for the 2 churches he is seeking to restart in Tulsa,OK. 


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