Deevers Family Ministries

Pastor and leader: Cody and Lori Deevers

Cody and Lori Deevers

Cody and Lori have stepped out in faith to plant a new church in Peoria, AZ, a northwest part of Phoenix. The church is growing strong, meeting in the Arrowhead Elementary School and on weekdays in a number of small community groups. As of Jan. 1, 2021 the church's name is "The Table Church" and have weathered the shut down during 2020 and are reaching new people, calling them to The Table of Beauty, Brokeness, Truth, Compassion and Community to find new life in Christ. 

Coy and Lori have 3 children: Silas, 21, Cady, 19, and Charis, 13, who display their "SENT" designation proudly as they greet on Sunday mornings and help with younger children while the church core group meets in their home, sharing their rooms and possessions. Silas and Cady are now in college and Cady is engaged to be married to Caleb Hanley, an active member of their church plant group for 5 years. They plan a wedding May 29.

Lori teaches music in the public schools and works tirelessly helping with the church plant and nurturing her growing children and Cody!

  January 2021  
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