December 2019  
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Larry Jordan

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Larry Jordan is an evangelist and revivalist. He preaches in churches large and small all over the country. He has been in ministry for over 40 years, and brings great experience and wisdom to the pulpit. His passion is encouraging and challenging believers to live their faith out in true obedience to Jesus Christ.

Larry and his wife, Donna, are an evangelism team from Sulphur Springs, TX.  Larry is the former pastor of New Beginnings Fellowship Baptist Church there. In the 13 years of his pastorate this church plant of LOVEM Ministries grew from 15 members to more than 600. Missionaries, evangelists and Christian workers from this church have labored in Guatemala, Honduras and the Philippines where 10 new churches have been started. Larry is co-founder of LOVEM Ministries.

They have one daughter, Melody, whose husband, Dustin Slaton is pastor in Tyler, TX of the  Green Acres Baptist Church, edp-oSouth Campus.

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Larry Jordan Ministries
PO Box 1353
Sulphur Springs, TX 75483

(903) 885-6102