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Larry Jordan Ministries
Larry Jordan is one of the founders and a present Board member of LOVEM Ministries.
Jody Kennedy International
Jody Kennedy works through LOVEM Ministries conducting two week English Language Schools in Russia, Nicaragua and other countries. He and his wife, Trish, also provide Bible schools for the children of missionaries during their regional meetings.
Berryhill Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK
LOVEM Ministries' office is located at Berryhill Baptist Church where Dr, Jack Robbins is the senior pastor.
LOVEM has always been led by ministers ordained by SBC churches and has maintained a complementary relationship.
Meade International
Bob and Gail Meade, life-coaching team and short term English language missions
Agape International: Titus Ministry in Pakistan
Samson and Qamar Titus' family are natives of Pakistan and head a ministry on the southern border of Pakistan, returning there several times every year. Their family runs a school.
Open Door Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC
Originated through LOVEM Ministries through the work of Dr. Jack W. Robbins beginning in 1981.
Johnston-Marshal Baptist Association OK
Gary Dempsey has been to our board meetings and very helpful.
Operation World
LOVEM uses and recommends Operation World as the best source for information about the state of gospel communication in any given location around the world.
Don and Jody Fields
The Fields are actively working among Hispanics in Sheridan IN while awaiting visas to go to Obidos. Para, Brazil as long term missionaries.
Voice of the Martyrs
We have kept VOM informed of conditions in Qatar with Deva Kumar.
Mike Courtney
Mike was originally with LOVEM Ministries
Chosen People Ministries
LOVEM Ministries hosted Brian Slater, Tel Avive, of Chosen People in 2010 for two weeks in Tulsa OK.
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