Rod and Staff Chaplains

leader: Mike Searing

Mike was working with Jody Kennedy in the Billy Graham Organization when he expressed a need to be in an organization that satisfied the 501(C)(3) government requirements of the government. Jody told him about LOVEM and we welomed him.

Mike is a former police officer and works in Franklin Graham disaster relief  calling his work Rod and Staff Chaplains. Mike and Debbie atarted their ministry after an experience with one of the worst plane crashes in history. Mike was walking through the devastation of the crash when a whisper flowed through his mind, "Yea, 'tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, Thou art with me." H+New Wine ministries. Having suffered the emotional trauma of trauma himself, his heart was drawn to make available to others some of the things that helped him to survive. He is a trained counselor working with the Oakland County Sheriff's department and International Fellowship of Chaplains. He and Debbie are work in many First Responder family situations and crises. They provide spiritual and emotional "first aid." 

They hail from Clarkston, Michigan and Sarasota, FL in the winter.




  January 2021  
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